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Lago di Garda

Lago di Garda is famous for its many amusement parks. 

One of the oldest and most loved in Italy is Gardaland.

The Hotel Principe di Lazise is at the crossroads of many of the amusement parks in Garda.

For this reason, many of our guests, between an afternoon in our Spa and a long walk along the lake, offer themselves some amusement time in one of the local parks.    

Amusement Parks in Garda

Gardaland is the amusement park, par excellence, in Italy. Here you will discover 38 different attractions.

There are terrific roller coasters and other dizzying features.

Your children will go crazy for the Valle dei Re, the Castello di Mago Merlino, the Torneo dei Cavalieri Medievali, and the Galeone dei Corsari.

Every day offers many exciting live shows.

There are aquatic presentations with dolphins and sea lions.

Gardaland is only two kilometers from our hotel.

Canevaworld is one of the most beautiful aquatic parks in Italy.

Children are thrilled to play in the swimming pools with their water-jetting slides.

Next to Canevaworld is Movieland. This is the first park entirely dedicated to the cinematographic world.

Live shows are presented based on famous film performances by, for instance, Zorro and Indiana Jones.

This adventure park is immersed in verdant open spaces in a location that has a panoramic view upon the Lago di Garda.

Children can engage in obstacle courses of varying difficulty.

Set in the middle of the forest, kids can test their dexterity among the different natural obstacle courses. 

This large park-garden is the perfect locale to learn about and know plants and rare flowers.

Each and every season brings a different, stunning  blossoming.

It is easy to get lost in this extensive  display of greenery. 

Here is a naturalistic oasis where the protagonists are rivers, lakes and waterfalls.

You can choose an itinerary among the many available pathways.

Take your time testing different routes going through this aquatic paradise.   

One of the most beautiful faunal parks in Italy.

Walking along the Parco Safari you might bump into hippopotamuses, giraffes and rhinoceroses.

There are also lions and tigers circulating throughout the territory. 

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