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Lago di Garda

Our facial and body treatments at the Aquavitae Spa are a natural alliance of earth and water, heated oils and targeted massages.

All you need is a free afternoon with our professionals.

You will feel your muscles regain momentum. Your senses will respond more acutely, and your mind will be newly sharp and concentrated.

Rid yourself of your daily hassles. See your wrinkles fade away. Look fresh and alert.

Get away from the annoying pollution in your city centers.

Your face will feel taut and relaxed and your thoughts will have been lightened.   

Facial & Corporeal Treatments

The ritual begins with a skin-peeling treatment with salts from the Dead Sea.

The process detoxifies the skin.

Following this part of the ritual, a marine algal bandaging is applied.

It reduces swelling, It invigorates the tissues of the skin. It improves liquid retention. 

Powdered minerals smooth and better the skin's appearance.

While you relax, your skin absorbs the components present in the mud base.

Under the heating effect, the toxins are freed from the skin's epidermic pores.

The body, recharged with vitamins, cleans out its impurities and the skin becomes shiny. 

White mud, very rich in minerals, is applied to the face and body during this particular rite.

The mud's softening properties give the skin a lively coloring.

The skin is rendered velvety

Our Body Scrub is capable of stimulating energy and vitality throughout one's body.

The skin, having been thoroughly cleaned, becomes satiny, even more tonic in quality, and has been suddenly renewed.

In this exceptional body care procedure, bona fide Macrocystis algal leaves are employed  to reactivate one's circulatory system.

In addition, the heaviness experienced in leg movement is notably reduced.

The treatment plays a significant preventive role diminishing the fragility of the vasal network precluding the formation of varicose veins in men and women.

The circulatory system is strengthened.

Toxins are drained away.

Tissues are fortified with oxygen.

One enjoys a very pleasant sensation of wellness.

Beauty ritual that rolls up the body in the lather for pleasant sensation of freshness and vitality.

A very thorough facial cleaning based on the texture of your skin.

  • Make up light: 30 - €35
  • Special Events Make-up: 60 - €70

Skin Regimen Longevity , Intense Purifying Face Treatment

It renews and revitalizes the skin of face, neck and decollete just in 50 or 30 minutes, thanks to the synergy of Alphahydroxyacids with the exclusive Longevity Complex and a specific manual skill, inspired to the Kabat technique, a renowned method to reinforce skin tissues.

Softening of visible wrinkles. Improvement of plumpness appearance. Elastic and oxygenated skin. Unisex treatment, ideal for all skin conditions.


A treatment to specifically combat impurities and imperfections, the effectiveness of detox mask with chlorella and vegetable carbon together with the selection on concentrated serums is reinforced by the synergy of massage techniques.

Effectiveness 100%, purified skin, luminous and radiant.

  • Simple Manicure: 40 - €35
  • Manicure with Massage, Peeling & Masque: 80 - €50
  • French manicure: 60 - €50
  • Hand long lasting varnish: 45 - €35
  • Hand long lasting varnish removal: €10
  • French nail varnish: 20 - €20
  • Nail Polishing: 20 - €10
  • Simple Pedicure: 60 - €55
  • Pedicure with Peeling and Massage: 80 - €70
  • Feet long lasting vernish: 30 - €25
  • Feet long lasting vernish removal: €10
  • Nail Polishing: 20 - €15
  • Eyebrows: 15 - €10
  • Upper Lip: 10 - €10
  • Underarms: 10 - €15
  • Arms: 30 - €25
  • Complete Legs and Bikini: 60 - €45
  • Partial Legs and Bikini: 30 - €35
  • Bikini: 15 - €15
  • Brazilian Bikini: 30 - €30
  • Chest Man: 30/40 - €40
  • Back Man: 30/40 - €40

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