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Lago di Garda

Wellness is achieved through physical exercise and meditation.

Intense physical exercise accompanied by our personal trainers helps you clear your mind.

You will be capable of focusing on yourself.

A yoga and water healing session introduces you to the correct breathing techniques assisting you to meditate in order to relax. 

Fitness & Meditation

If you cultivate the āsana (Yoga positions) and acquire a proper and intense breathing technique, you can attain a high level of satisfaction.

Your muscles will be loosened, your joints will be more flexible, and your psychic tensions will be lessened.

Yoga helps you improve the body's flexibility, one's posture, assists one to concentrate better, and brings about psycho-physical relaxation.  

Our personal trainer, at your side, will suggest a schedule of training sessions in our gym.

Perhaps you prefer the open air? Water activities? Whatever you wish.

We will design a personal training program fit especially for you and what you require.

The objective of this functional training is to create a series of diverse locomotive experiences which will improve your equilibrium.

Your reactive instincts will be fine-tuned. The strength of your abdominal and pelvic muscles will be enhanced.

You will be set to beef up your bodily flexibility.  

This is a terrific training idea designed for women.

It is an ideal activity that helps invigorate the body—especially its upper extremities.

It also helps toughen and slim the inferior parts. 

An exercise program that concentrates on the postural muscles, this program strengthens those musceles that keep the body balanced.

These muscles are also crucial in giving support to the spine.

Pilates exercises teach you to acquire the best method to breathe.

Exercising the spinal chord and its surrounding muscles helps you to avoid painful back pain.

Other muscles involved in the training are also developed to their full capacity.

Where do you wish to train? To exercise? In the gym.

In the open air. In our swimming pool. Set up an appointment with one of our personal trainers.

Arrange a pre-planned program.

We will satisfy your personal requirements giving you a unique chance to improve your physical prowess.

Coordinate all your physical activities with our programs.

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