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Lago di Garda

What is Lago di Garda? It is calm waters surrounded by morainal hills.

The emerald greens of Italy's most prestigious golf club.

The hot springs that gush naturally from the Earth.

Lago di Garda are these and very much more. 

Staying at the resort Hotel Principe di Lazise is the perfect occasion to explore our magnificent lake landscapes—famous throughout the world—and the fascinating cities that are found in this region.

Sightseeing at Lago di Garda

Lago di Garda was formed by prehistoric glaciers in the north of Italy. It is Italy's largest lake.

It is set among the pleasant high grounds of Veneto—in the Lombardia and Trentino-Alto Adige regions.

It captivates you with its crystal-clear waters, charming coves, lovely islands and magnificent morainal hills.

One can stroll along the shores of the lake, go jogging, or even practice some aquatic sports such as windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving, canoeing, fishing, rafting, kite surfing and aquatic skiing. Not a moment to be bored here!   

If you are a serious golfer, you can try out your dexterity and ability on one of the golf courses in this area.

Our golf courses have always been considered among the the most well-known and appreciated golf clubs in the world.

Many golf courses are near our hotel:

  • Paradiso del Garda Golf Club – Peschiera del Garda (10 minutes)
  • Chervò Golf Club – Pozzolengo - San Vigilio (30 minutes)
  • Cà degli Ulivi Golf Club – Margiaga di Costermano (20 minutes)
  • Verona Golf Club – Custoza, west of Verona (20 minutes)
  • Arzaga Golf Club – Calvagese (40 minutes)
  • Gardagolf Country Club – Soiano del lago (40 minutes)

This medieval small village conserves intact its magnificent castle with its medieval castle walls.

There is also an age-old customs house that is open to the public.

If you wish to visit the center of the city, take advantage of the convenient complimentary shuttle service the hotel offers its guests.

Here you will find an extraordinary hot spring that provides for guests a beauty and health for their skin and body.

The spring is immersed in a 13-hectare park replete with plants and centuries-old trees.

It is indeed a pleasure to see, and it will offer you a very pleasant sense experience.

Peschiera del Garda is one of the most fascinating small villages in the Lago di Garda area.

The village twists along a closely woven network of canals.

These eventually dip themselves into the lake.

This effect produces a very peaceful. Also, in this area, among its major attractions one can find many beaches both in sand and fine gravel.

You can take sun and bathe in the waters when it is especially hot.

This city is rich in history and holds interesting archeological finds from the Roman Empire.

Above all, it is famous for its Festa del Vino Bardolino, the Festa del Chiaretto and the international Triathlon competition.

More than 500,000 square meters in area, this splendid paradise of Nature makes it one of the most extraordinary park-gardens in the world.

It is a verdant treasure that boasts an origin from the fourth century.

It is today known as one of the most beautiful parks in all of Europe.

You must make a trip to Verona—the City of Lovers. Shakespeare set his world-famous play, Romeo and Juliet, in this city.

Today, tourists continue to flow into Verona to see “the house with the balcony” that made the play itself even more celebrated.

One can also see the habitation of the young protagonist in the play, Capuleti.

If you love the theatre and music, the medieval arena, Arena di Verona, presents shows and concerts that are well worth your attendance. 

Historical palaces, castles and an extraordinary concentration of works of art greet you at Mantova.

This city is indeed a mecca rich with interesting things to see.

Do not forget to visit the Castello di San Giorgio. Here you will be able to view the Camera degli Sposi painted by Mantegna.

Visit the Palazzo Te where the Duke of Gonzaga met his lovers.

The palace has many splendid halls with magnificent frescoes to view including the Sala dei Giganti and the Amore and Psiche.

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