Hotel Principe di Lazise

Wellness Hotel & SPA

Lago di Garda

Allow yourself one or more days just for yourself.

Massages, fitness activities, beauty treatments and swimming.

These are set up for you in such a way that they will help you regain energy, relax and enliven again your body and mind.

A wellness course in our Aquavitae Spa may be compared to a lengthly sigh of relief.

When you breathe in again, you feel light as a feather and a bit more content.

One-day Wellness Treatment

This is a treatment to alleviate tension in the cervical and lumbar areas.

It also contributes to reducing one's level of anxiety.

Our personal trainer will give you advice on how you might continue the treatment when you return home. With the correct exercises, you will be able to keep your back happy back home!  


  • Stretching session in gym with personal trainer 20
  • Pack with mud and arnica 35
  • Back Massage session 25

One special captivating and irresistible night.


  • Shining Diamond facial treatment 50
  • Light Make Up 30
  • Never without nail polish 20

This ritual is for men only. It is aimed at giving them a chance to release stress and keep in shape.


  • Functional trainer 50
  • Hydromassage 20
  • Sports Massage 50
  • Facial treatment 70

Let yourself go! Forget all about the rest of the world! Regain your physical and mental equilibrium.


  • Private Yoga Lesson​ 60
  • Abhyanga Massage 50

Does your skin need a thorough cleaning? Do you want it to rebreathe again?

Dead Sea salts and marine muds are the solution.

They will leave your skin firm and smooth. 


  • Body Scrub with Dead Sea salts​ 30
  • Sea Mud Ritual​ 80

Two day Wellness Treatment

A woman's fascination is ageless... 


  • Body Scrub with Dead Sea salts​ 50
  • Face and Body White Mud Ritual​ 80

Smart, Charming, Parfait!


  • Manicure 40
  • Shining Diamond Facial​ 50
  • Drainage Massage​ 50

All the secrets for regaining a slim and firm body.


  • Fit Lady exercise session with personal trainer 50
  • Toning Massage 50
  • Ox 3 Facial Treatment70

3-day Wellness Treatment

Enjoy massages from all over the world without having to travel all over the globe.


  • Anti-stress Massage 50
  • Balinese Massage 50
  • Abhyanga Massage 50

Just close your eyes for a moment! Let all your other senses perceive what is around you.

The perfumes of oils. The softness of the skin.

The music that accompanies you to where the sun rises. 


  • Udvartana peeling ayurvedico 45
  • Tridosha 70
  • Patrasveda 40

Regain your body and mind's harmony. Get to know again your deep emotions. Start loving once more the true essence of things.


  • Riflessologia Plantare 40
  • Massaggio Antistress 80
  • Vidya Viso 70
  • Lezione di Yoga individuale 60

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